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Customize Your Practice with Antech 

Opening a new practice can be daunting. Antech is here to help you bring the dream of your new practice to reality.

Opening your own veterinary practice is far from easy. Though the journey may seem overwhelming, many passionate and dedicated veterinary professionals successfully open their own clinics — so can you! 

A one-size-fits-all solution is hard to come by, and when you do, there are generally compromises that can make or break your needs. Flexibility is key when tailoring a practice to your specific requirements. 

Customized Practice with Flexibility 

Antech has recently created a process that is designed to specifically help and support veterinary professionals who want to open a new practice. We have a flexible platform that brings together customizable solutions that include the most comprehensive mix of core and novel innovative diagnostics, world-class imaging equipment, and the largest team of consultive specialists at your service.  

All of our new practice offerings are structured with an understanding of the diverse needs that are specific to each veterinary team. We recognize that no practice is exactly alike, especially when individual business plans, growth goals, and daily practice demands need to be tailored to specific objectives.  

We have a flexible solution for you. And don’t just take our word for it — recently we had the pleasure of supporting a doctor in her efforts to open her own veterinary ophthalmology practice.  

Opening a New Practice with Antech — Dr. Joslin’s Journey 

Dr. Amanda Joslin, DVM, DACVO, a long-term native of South Jersey, has recently embarked on the journey of opening her own veterinary ophthalmology specialty center. According to Dr. Joslin, her community is in need of specialty ophthalmology services, and she is excited to be the one to fill that need. 

“My whole goal is to open as seamless and stress-free as I can,” Dr. Joslin said. “I want everything to work at its top capacity and be able to have the supplies I need without my technician having to go through 10 steps to get it. I want to be able to submit tests easily.” 

Dr. Joslin is targeting to open her new practice in the next few months. What started as a phone conversation with her Antech representative quickly led to a discussion about a tailored solution specifically addressing Dr. Joslin’s practice requirements. Antech has been there every step of the way to help make the transition as seamless as possible.  

“It’s been easy, and that’s the most important thing. It hasn’t taken much time,” Dr. Joslin said. “Responsiveness to emails is one of the most important things to me, and the responsiveness from Antech has been great, and that’s what I need to make my life easy. Being able to tailor the service to fit my practice’s needs is was makes me most happy. I’m very satisfied.” 

Dr. Joslin’s ophthalmology practice requires specific needs that do not fit perfectly into general practice needs. While there are various programs meant to aid in opening a new practice, finding one that is flexible and customizable can prove difficult. 

“When I have looked at other practice-aid options,” said Dr. Joslin, “they are all so general-practice-heavy, and they are not as willing to make it work for an ophthalmology practice, but that’s not been the case with Antech. I love that Antech’s new practice process is tailored to me and allows me to focus on what matters most — helping pets and their families.” 

Antech is Here to Partner and Support 

We understand the challenges of daily practice life. We are here to provide guidance and instruction in diagnostic interpretation and general case management as you need it. We are eager and willing to support you as you start your journey of opening a new practice — let’s start together. 

Pick the practice management system that’s right for you. 

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