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CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS now available exclusively through Antech Diagnostics

First liquid biopsy for the veterinary industry offers simple, non-invasive way to detect the most common canine bladder and prostate cancer: now broadly available

Fountain Valley, Calif. —October 15, 2019 — Today,Antech Diagnostics, part of Mars Petcare, announced general availability of the CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS cancer diagnostics to its North American veterinary customers. CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS are innovative molecular diagnostic tests, developed by Sentinel Biomedical, which offer a robust, non-invasive approach for veterinarians to detect the most common form of canine bladder, urethral and prostate cancer. Antech, through Antech Molecular Innovations, a joint venture with Sentinel Biomedical, is broadening access to these tests, offering more veterinarians the opportunity to work with pet owners for early detection, treatment and monitoring of response to therapy.

CADET® BRAF is a DNA-based diagnostic test that detects the presence of a single mutation present in 85% of confirmed cases of canine transitional cell carcinoma (TCC), also called urothelial carcinoma (UC). Using state-of-the-art molecular technology, CADET® BRAF uses forensic-level sensitivity to analyze free-catch urine to detect 85% of cases of TCC/UC in a manner that is less expensive and invasive than current alternate methods. CADET® BRAF PLUS detects DNA copy number changes and is used for dogs with clinical signs of TCC/UC that are not associated with a BRAF mutation, increasing the overall sensitivity to detect a TCC/UC to over 95% for eligible samples.

“CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS were developed through robust research and the expertise of leading genetics and oncology experts,” said Matthew Breen, Ph.D., North Carolina State University distinguished professor and president of Sentinel Biomedical.